New Jersey Student Learning Standards

At National Park School we are committed to providing your child with every opportunity to become successful by making learning experiences meaningful, ongoing, relevant and engaging. The goal of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards is simple: we will provide teaching and learning to ensure that all students – including your child – become successful.

The New Jersey State Board of Education adopted the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS) in 2016 to replace the Common Core. Using NJSLS, students are given challenging lessons that require them to seek out and acquire knowledge, apply what they have learned, and build upon that information to create new knowledge. NJSLS help students move away from rote memorization and isolated skills and return to creativity and deeper learning in the classroom; provide personalized, rich content to students in innovative ways; and allow students to both learn and to apply what they have learned. The standards are intended to help students clearly understand what they need to know and be able to do. Student learning activities are based on connecting what they have already learned and the academic work that will be introduced as they move forward. The standards allow teachers to design many different ways that students can demonstrate how they can apply their new knowledge and skills. This helps students in all grades see how their schoolwork relates to real life.

The New Jersey Student Learning Standards were designed to prepare all students for success in college and their careers. Using these learning standards, your child will be better prepared to graduate from high school and compete with other students across the nation and the world.

Please find additional information regarding NJSLS on the New Jersey Department of Education website-