Gifted & Talented Program

National Park School District is committed to supporting the academic needs of our students, including students who qualify for additional enrichment. As per Board Policy and NJDOE, we are required to identify students who qualify for additional academic enrichment and are therefore considered Gifted & Talented. Gifted and Talented students are identified each year based on an established criteria. Students in Grades 1-6 grade are screened upon entry each school year based on a comprehensive data review, including grades, local benchmark assessments, MAP scores, NJSLA scores and parent or teacher recommendation. Kindergarten students are identified mid-year. A qualifying student must demonstrate high levels of ability in one or more content areas when compared to their chronological peers. Curricular and instructional modifications include but are not limited to classroom differentiated instruction, acceleration, flexible pacing and choice, individual programs infused in the student's educational program and participation in courses offered during our RTI block (SKILL Club).

Gifted & Talented Identification Criteria

Gifted & Talented Family Notice

Gifted and Talented Plan 2022-2023

Policy 2464 Gifted & Talented Students

National Standards in Gifted and Talented Education provided by the National Association for Gifted Children

Please contact Mrs. Thompson if you have questions or concerns regarding the Gifted & Talented Program- 856-845-6876 x111.