Sodexo School Services provides National Park School with both a breakfast and lunch program. Breakfast is available for purchase at the cost of $1.60. Breakfast will be served in the classroom at the start of each day. We encourage you to participate in the breakfast program to ensure that your child is fueled for a full day of learning! Lunch is served every school day at a cost of $2.70. A menu will be sent home in the Family Envelope each month. The salad bar will be back this year. Access to the salad bar is included with every school meal purchase or students can purchase a side salad for $1.50. The free and reduced meal application is available on the school website. This application needs to be completed each school year so please take a moment to complete it before September.

Students will place their lunch order each morning in the classroom for that day. Your child will need to know if s/he is ordering and what you would like them to order for lunch. Payment can be sent in with your child any day of the week in a properly marked envelope. Your child can also pay the kitchen staff directly when purchasing lunch or simply visit to make an online payment.

We use a computerized debit system in the school cafeteria. The system has proven to streamline our reporting, help improve our cafeteria line speed, and add flexibility to your payment options. The system allows you to pay in advance for meals and/or snack foods. The system works with a twelve key PIN pad located near the end of the serving line. It allows your child to enter a four-digit personal identification number (PIN) to access their account. The PIN number will stay the same throughout the remaining years your child is enrolled at National Park School. Please note that this system is very confidential. All students will be required to enter their PIN number regardless of meal status or payment method, thus insuring your child’s privacy.

Below are links to a variety of resources regarding our food service program. If you have questions or concerns, contact Trenay Parker Langston, General Manager at 856-848-8200 x. 237.