Parent Grade Portal

Welcome to the Parent Grade Portal page. The Grade Portal is where parents can access their child’s grades. It is currently open for 3rd through 6th grade parents. To access the Grade Portal, called OnCourse Connect, go to and enter your assigned username and password to log in.

Didn’t get a log in? See the FAQ Upon logging in to OnCourse Connect, parents will notice that they have access to all of their students in Pre-K-6th grade. However, grades will not be posted for students in Pre-K-2nd grade until the end of each marking period as they use a developmentally based grading system. We are working with our student information system vendor to resolve any confusion this may cause.


Basic Information

The Grade Portal requires that each parent is assigned an individualized log in. The school distributes the log in information once a user agreement has been signed. which can be completed in the Main Office or via a written request. A basic instruction sheet and a log in card with the username and password will be provided upon receipt of the agreement. Each parent designated as a primary contact will receive their own log in information. Each teacher posts grades and report card information at his/her discretion. Deadlines are in place for final grades and indicators. However, please be aware that grades can be changed at any point until the report cards are printed to go home. If a parent/guardian has concerns over a grade, assignment or other matter related to a Grade Portal posting, please direct those questions to the specific teacher. The Grade Portal is designed to be an online resource to track the progress of students and gain a clearer understanding of academic progress. We hope this resource is helpful!


Technical Help

Technical questions can be directed via email. Send help requests to: Please allow 48 hours for a response. We have limited support resources and can only answer questions relating directly to our Website and the Grade Portal. If we cannot duplicate the issue, it is likely a personal computer problem. In such a case we cannot provide support. If you are contacting the school about grades, please email or call the teacher for grading related issues. We are building a FAQ below. Common questions will be answered directly below. You may even be directed in an email response to see our FAQ.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why do indicators show as 0% when I click on them?
A:Report card indicators online show 0% (zero percent) if you click on them for details. No need for alarm. Indicators are not grades, so there is no grade posted, and they DO NOT count as a grade towards the Marking Period grade or ending Final Grade. Since they have no calculated numerical value, the online system shows them as 0%. We have informed the Grade Portal vendor about this minor issue and hope that they are able to address this confusion.
Q: I did not get a parent log in. How do I get one?
A: Come to the Main Office to complete a user agreement. Your username and password will then be supplied via the mail, sent home with the student or by returning to the Main Office at a designated time. A parent/guardian may also provide a written request for the user agreement. A username and password will then be supplied upon completion of the agreement.