Listed below are fundraisers the school is actively participating in. HASA and other organizations may provide other fundraising opportunities throughout each year that are not run by the school itself. This page will be updated occasionally with program totals and new offerings. Please contact the listed individuals for questions regarding each programs or inquire with the office.

Target – Take Charge of Education

Target’s Take Charge of Education program donates 1% of purchases towards our school. Simply sign up online or at a Target store for the RedCard and you can designate us to receive a portion of your purchases!

Target School ID: 73488
Contact: Mrs. McIntyre, ext. 133,
Total Earning: $5,664.20 (current as of Sept. 2013)

Last Check Amount (Sept. 2013): $516.19

Enroll and use REDcard

Enroll and
use REDcard

 Target makes up to a 1% donation to your school

Target makes up to a 1% donation to your school

Come back and check your contribution

Come back and
check your contribution

ShopRite Fundraiser

Looking for an easy way to help support National Park School at no cost to you? Click HERE to learn how to sign up for Labels for Education. By simply providing your ShopRite card ID number, you will earn money for the school every time you shop.

Great Lakes Scrip Program

Using order forms we send home, or shopping through their store. You can earn the school funds by shopping with leading. retailers.You can view an instruction flyer here.

Scrip ID: D514L61318392
Contact: JoAnn Hanson,