Technology Department

The technology at National Park School is managed by Mr. Shane Sammons, Technology Coordinator. The goals and expectations for technology at the school are focused on the following key areas.


Provide the opportunity for our students to use devices that will be commonplace in their lives and future. To We use the cloud based resources of G Suite from Google. Combined with a Chromebook 1:1 initiative for grades 3-6.  Pre-K through 1 utilize iPads. All grades have access to Windows and Mac through Art, Music, and Technology classes.


Keeping things connected is the key for any device in a school. We have upgraded our building’s network and wireless at least 3 times. The most recent upgrade was a 1:1 access point for a full size classroom project. We upgraded our switches to accommodate the new hardware. Currently we utilize Cisco Meraki solutions for Wireless and Switching.

Ease of use

We always strive to make things simple. Often technology is not. There is tough balance between usability, stability, security, and management. We chose Chromebooks for their combination of a great balance of everything and the ease of use with G Suite. iPads were also chosen for the lower grades for their extremely intuitive and interactive ease of use.

Outside of those key areas we integrate cost effective technologies into future plans and projects. Some examples of those plans and choices.

  • Securly. With plans of Chromebooks and potential for take-home being a discussed as an option, we opted to change from a hardware filter to an internet based filter to allow for an easy transition.
  • SchoolMessenger. With social media growing and an administration wanting to communicate better we looked into a solution with integration already present.
  • Gym A/V. A long term project working on installing a modern projection system in the gym. Phase 1, a new audio system. Phase 2, a motorized dual-projection screen. Allowing front and rear projection, purchased by HASA. Phase 3, is a stage mounted rear projector. Protecting the projector and allowing presentations to be done with more room in the front of the gym.
  • Main Entrance Signage. A proof of concept to leverage low cost software, Google Slides, with low cost microcomputers, Raspberry Pi 3, to create an informational display supporting collaboration. Concept allows digital signage to be implemented for under $100 beyond the cost of the display.