ShapingNJ Grant

Exciting news! National Park School has received $10,000 through ShapingNJ Healthy Community Grant. Thanks to the generosity of Family Health Initiatives, we will use the funds to develop two community gardens and work with Safe Routes to School to implement safe ways for students to travel to school each day. We are privileged to work hand in hand with National Park Boro, Rutgers Cooperative Extension, FoodCorps, Gloucester County Office of Land Preservation, Cross County Connections and Gloucester County Department of Health, Senior & Disability Services.

Our Mission: In response to increasing rates of childhood obesity, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have identified several key health behaviors to prevent obesity, including increasing intake of fruits and vegetables and increasing physical activity. Recognizing that schools are ideal environments to foster healthy lifelong behaviors, the grant will aim to improve children’s health and academic performance by promoting better nutrition and physical activity in the school community. The project is a school wellness program that encourages an active lifestyle among the students and families of National Park Boro. It combines “edible education” with a variety of school wellness activities. To achieve these goals, we will develop two school/community gardens to help our residents eat healthier and use Safe Routes to Schools strategies to identify opportunities to increase bicycle and pedestrian activity.

Check out pictures of students working with our friend Brian Quilty from FoodCorps. The 3rd graders enjoyed a Kale Smoothie and the 1st graders planted our first vegetables for the Community Garden.




Kale Day Handout



Mark Your Calendar: The Garden Dedication is scheduled for Earth Day, April 22.